Saturday, January 30, 2010

Five Words

On her site, lovely Nadege has a fun prompt writing prose or a poem using five words and an internal rhyme. The words are hang, delicate, knit, wash, burn. Here is my take on the prompt:

How delicate were her fine pearls,
Twirled on her knit sweater,
How she yearned the burn of his words,
The pronouncement of his lips,
Dipping forward in the cool of evening,

Gravity hangs on every syllable uttered,
Mutter and stutter to perfection,
Wash the hands of indiscretion,
Fingertips dug deep in his arm,
Pleas for second chances,


Peter Stone said...

I like the depth of emotion this piece evokes, as she pleas for that second chance.
Thanks for visiting my 55 Flash Fiction too :)

Nadege said...

ahhh...simply gorgeous...I feel as if an addictive French movie is being played in my
mind. "how she yearned the burn of his lips"...
"wash the hands of indiscretion".
a beauty write girl as your talented heart
must be.

Judith Ellis said...

Oh, Katina, you are so gifted. Simply beautiful!

C Will said...

Hey WG,
This is wonderful your words come to life on the page and breathe just beautiful!!:) well done

Kilauea Poetry said...

This is pretty cool. I like this challange-
Nice job. I've been playing around with these words today but kept getting distracted. Hmm?

A said...

Such wonderful use of the prompts! They all go together so well, the way you used them.

JStar said...

Great work!

septembermom said...

"Wash the hands of indiscretion" - great line.

Very good use of the prompts.

Linda Tolbert said...

Write Girl! Your blog is a master class in writing!


The Visionary Butterfly said...

Sweet, sensual and fantastic!