Sunday, January 24, 2010

January (Part II)

Dear bloggers,

I am having some internet problems and though I was able to post today, I couldn't access many of your sites. I'm sorry. I'll try to visit as soon as possible. Here is Part 2 of my latest short story:

"Halloo Felix," a voice sang. Her countenance flickered before him like a fire, and she appeared like white dust. Her fingers were long, blue icicles, and her hair swung down like diamond stars.

"You are stunning," he sighed and bowed low to the ground.

"My darling, rise. Rise! You flatter me so," she laughed. She plopped on his bed, her gown fluttering against his flesh. He felt the frost of her breath and clothes but didn't move.

"Felix, don 't be so shy. You've never been that way with my cousin sunrise."

"Sunrise," he answered, half startled. "She's a woman?"

"Of course she is," she answered indignantly. "Well, not quite. She can take on any form of the beholder's choosing." Her lips pursed as if to say something else, but she fidgeted with her hair instead.

"How do you know my name anyway," he asked with a jolt. She seemed stunned by the accusation. Her brows arched downward like blue clouds, but she laughed loudly.

"I have seen your work. You are Great Felix the artist!"

"I am hardly an artist," Felix dismissed. "Say, I felt something...icy against my skin," he asked slowly. "Was it you?"

"Guilty as charged," she answered, raising her fingers. "I was lonely. You're such a handsome little thing. I wanted someone to play with." She tried to touch his hand, but he averted her.

"Who are you," he whispered softly. He was fearful of the answer that would dance from her blue lips.

"January, dear. My name is January."


septembermom said...

I like January's challenging and assertive tone. Wonderfully drawn out imagery in their dialogue.

A said...

Once again, wonderful description! I look forward to the next part :)

Saadi said...

'Dance from her blue lips'

Ur freak'in amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi WG, It was a jolt...I had to reread it again.
January, she had me going, Just Beautiful!

Judith Ellis said...


Kilauea Poetry said...

This was a fun ride as well as a fresh Katina- the imagery here is both colorful and delightful-