Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Solstice

The way the sun gazes down on me
His eyes hot and longing
To see me sprinting in a summer dress
Canary yellow and sweet like lemonade tea
Bare toes sleeping in the sand
Napping while my book drifts in the breeze
Blue waves cackle in uncharted seas
Summer scent attracts the bees
Endure the cool breath of fall
And the icy accent of winter's call
Now the sun holds me in his smile
Summer solstice I'm beguiled


Kilauea Poetry said...

Super..and I really like the way you wrapped this up with the last lines-

Opaque said...

Really summer-ish this one.

Nadege said...

so lovely pretty girl, you've poemed a perfect
day, a day of living in the joy of Nature.