Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Face the Music/ Second Chance (Acrostic)

Hi bloggers,

Usually I limit my acrostics to one per post but these two words come together in a unique way:

Foolish night of romance
Arresting his soft lips
Craving his new scent
Evening ushers in morning

Testing her boyfriend's faith
Hiding her seductive lapse
Erasing last night's tryst

Meandering through her phone
Undressed text and photos
Searing rage and pain
Intense drama suffocates her
Crushed heart slams door

Searching hugs and kisses
Emptying into new tomorrows
Coupled by his absence
Only atonement assuages time
Nodding on Cupid's arrow
Dressing his broken heart

Comprehending the night hour
Holding onto fading hope
Adding up her sweetness
Nestling her tearful cheeks
Calling her name meekly
Enduring embrace of love


rdl said...

both very nice - well done!

Kilauea Poetry said...

It is discriptive of a drama- almost like another world to me though.
You did a nice job with the lines here..and the last sequence- comprehending, holding, adding, nestling- my favorite.
Also, thank you so for your sweet comment..really appreciate your thoughts! I deleted the second as they went through. Hope you have wonderful day tomorrow-

Saras said...

Very well combined.Nice Acrostic. Well done.

JStar said...

I love how the story ties in both...The ups and down of relationships and the after...

Opaque said...

The turmoil in any relationship explained well here.

Jingle said...

vivid images...
cool words.

Nadege said...

hey pretty girl, this is lovely. each line
is enriched with a feeling of sadness.

septembermom said...

Love pulls one apart, doesn't it? Great piece.

nandini said...

Love the way you've put these two together into one story... they do fit in together beautifully