Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Her Best

Hi all,

It's been a busy month, but I will be visiting you all soon. Here is a new poem from me:

She saved her best
Every ounce poured through her base
Her bosom sweet and red like wine
Face matchless in the ebony night
Ink drying beneath her lilac breath
Letter sealed in a butterfly kiss
Forever sailing in the wind

Her sweetheart roaring with a battle cry
He pressed her note against his chest
Bombs exhaling like shooting stars
Prayers fell like rain against his cheek
He held the memory of her
Weary soldier racing home


Opaque said...

I respect the soldiers! I have lost friends to wars, I clearly understand the motif of this poem.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi, I can feel the anxiety. Pretty vivid and so close to home! Good job here!

JStar said...

Beautiful tribute here...That situation is hard on both ends...

Kay said...

run forest, run! get back to the safety of a loving home... heartfelt piece, dear one.

JP/deb said...

Great imagery - especially love the line "Face matchless in the ebony night" ...


septembermom said...

Love "lilac breath." Very nice. This feels like a heartache full scene from a romantic wartime movie. I enjoyed this very much.

Chymere said...

I absolutely love it.

Jim said...

Wonderful, W.G! So many of the boys do not have someone to race home for. I am glad you wrote about this happy fellow who did.
[Do I dare ask if this happy fellow is your real-to-life beau? You need a personal life blog like I have so we could get to know you better. I.e. Jim's Little Blog ] (Jim's Little Blog)

Nadege said...

most excellent gorgeous, and you speak for
many woman and men, with this poem of yours.