Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Two/ Dr. Seuss

We two, we like our Dr. Seuss
Our cats in hats
Green eggs and ham
Our rats named Pat
Mean legs in jam

We two, we like to sing and rhyme
Our swing in time
Our vowels in soups
Our howl in loops

We play all day
We sway in May
We play and sway in happy May

We wear our dots
Our dots and spots
Polka-dotted frocks
Clown noses and locks

We eat the moon
With bowl and spoon
We count our sheep
Before we sleep

Our book of words
March out like herds
Wise, old sage
Across our page
We two, we love our Dr. Seuss


Kilauea Poetry said...

Was one of the first books my kids learned to read.. Cute:)

Opaque said...

Hehe... don't know much about Dr. Seuss, but like what ever that I know.

Kay said...

sam I am :)

Nadege said...

hey there, write girl, your poem is adorable
and lyrical. well done.

have a wonderful 4th of july weekend.