Sunday, February 13, 2011

As Time Goes By

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I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day tomorrow.

Here lay an uncertain future as Sophie’s heart floated off into gray clouds. She could convince herself to board the plane and leave everything behind. Why now did she hesitate? There were no signs of him on her cell phone, no lingering man behind her shoulders. He had loved her less. Perhaps, he didn’t love her at all.

The revelation weakened her where she stood. She laid her head against the luggage and prayed to be invisible. She mixed her sorrow with fresh raindrops gliding down the windows.

Sophie had only known him for a year but it felt like one hundred. They had aged and matured in thought, acquired some gray hairs along the journey. They tasted each other’s raw scars and loved fiercely. She loved him through sight, reconnected through touch. His words were melodic and made her quiver inside. She felt natural in his arms, beautiful, and full of light.

There were yesterdays and tomorrows shared in quiet company. There were quiet mornings to lay their heads upon. There were kisses that provoked intimacy. Now this severance made her life unbearable.

She heard the melody of As Time Goes By grow louder in her head. It flooded all the thoughts of her heart. She instantly recalled evenings wrapped in his arms, watching Casablanca, and gazing up at him. Instinct told her to lay her head back, and he caught her in his arms. Tears rolled thunderously down her cheeks. She couldn’t suppress the sobs coming from her lips. The melody grew louder in her ears, and she felt the courage to face her comforter.

He gazed on her with full, dark eyes. She saw a reflection of gray clouds in them. She wrapped her arms around him as time stood in place.

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Kilauea Poetry said...

Very engaging and hopeful read here! Wishing you a terrific Valentine's Day as well~