Sunday, March 6, 2011

Color Me June

Hi all,

I discovered an earlier piece of writing among my school work. This short story is entitled Color Me June. I wrote this back in 2005. I enjoyed reading this colorful work on a rainy, March day. Hope you enjoy it as well.

It must be June. Colorful, colorful June. Jesse wrapped between her mother’s legs as she braids her hair piece by piece. Tender locks set in place. Mama finishes and pats her head. Away she goes fluttering like a butterfly and swaying to the beat.

She steps left, steps right. Oh she is a sight to see like the dame dancing in the cool lights of a club, wrapped tightly in her man’s arms. He’s got a suit on like neon lights, beads of sweat on his face. They dance real close, so close that their breath becomes one in that stagnant room. Her dress is a red pepper red, so hot he wants to back away. But her curves have him begging for more.

She bends closer for a kiss. A kiss as bright and hot as her dress. Nearby, the patrons ogle. A little gray creeping in their hair and into their bones. But they remember the hot, steamy Junes of before. With every movement, her curves swing. With every gyration, his pulse quickens. Their lips lock as he moves his hands down like waves gliding over the ocean.

Somewhere June dances as May bows out. It waltzes off to its own curtain call. And colorful, colorful June with its red, green, orange, blue, and purple hues, sways back and forth to the saxophone.


Lisa said...

Love the story. Great color references.

forgetmenot said...

What a great essay--the words are so descriptive. Your "talent" is showing!!! Mickie

septembermom said...

Lovely prose that dances in front of my eyes :)