Saturday, March 5, 2011

Head Over Heels (Acrostic)

Hi all,
I am posting this for Acrostic Only. The theme is Head Over Heels.

Hesitating in the moment
Electrifying impulse rising up
Arresting her beating heart

Dividing her soul within

Opportune to her taste
Visceral through her waist
Encroaching arms grow stronger
Rotating her hips longer

Holding her heart up
Elevating through the eyes
Exciting her admirer’s touch
Lighting in her bosom
Sweeping bodies into night


Amanda Moore said...

wow very sultry I enjoyed reading this very much!

Kilauea Poetry said...

This was wild..nothing like being swept away!
Hope your enjoying your Saturday evening!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and erotic writing.

workerv said...

This one is like a steep climb, then letting
go into a free fall..nice, nice, nice!

Gaurang Rao said...

Nice acrostic. Here is another prompt giving blog -

septembermom said...

Passion is here :)

Rumya said...

Full of passion! Definitely Head Over Heels!