Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Laying in Metaphors

Hi all,

Here is my latest freestyle poem. Hope you enjoy!!

I can lay against your back
And feel the currents of metaphors
Sliding against each vertebra

I can lay in the pool of your verse
Sweet innocent curves
Tickle my ears

I can lay in the bed of your tongue
Strumming your throat
Metaphors slow and long


Kilauea Poetry said...

lol)..Who's back is it? Sounds sensual Katina. When I lay down tonight, Metaphors will sing down the current of my spine......)smile(

JStar said...

This tickles my senses :) Great flow!

Scribbling Girl said...

wow that was passionate :)

priscila ponton said...

Muy bien! Greats from Venezuela

septembermom said...

This is right up my alley. Loved it!

Reggie said...

Very nice, very nice indeed.