Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lips Don't Lie

Hi all,

I wrote this poem a few months back, but spring fever and the hum of summer prompted me to post this piece. Perhaps summer love and new opportunities await in the near future!

You are intoxicated by the mosquito scent of summers gone by
Turning its lazy head upon an everlasting sun
I have taken my seat in some girlish youth
Picking those dandelions straight from their roots
My lips don’t lie but you’ve never loved me
Never noticed the pout on my lips, the curl of my vowels
The vibrato and melody of my vocal chords
You’ve never noticed them perhaps till now
I can’t read you, you’ve passed over to daylight
And daydreamed where the clouds divide in the sky
Say a prayer for me in those great, blue heavens
Awaiting your love, my lips don’t lie


Kilauea Poetry said...

Why is this sad to's really good! Love the lines-

Danilove said...

very emotional stuff even for a man maid of Rock...

workerv said...

You've gone deep, deep, deep girl and lost me
in the dive. This is realy different. Heads up

JStar said...

I love the flow but sense a longing in this poem...

septembermom said...

You captured a very engaging voice in this poem. Well done :)