Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Perfect Shade of Yellow

Hi all,

This is a fresh poem I am eager to share with you.

I am that perfect shade of yellow
Dewdrops from the sun above
I am the yellow of tulips
Flirting in the spring
I am the yellow summertime
Whipping against your knees
I am the butterfly poemed in yellow
Wrapped in a cocoon of bliss
I am the yellow egg that hisses
I am the yellow squeezed from oranges
I am that arching sun that greets you
And sets my head to meet you
I am befriending, yellow, and meek


Shobha said...

Nice verses..

JL Dodge said...

Nice Yellow !!

JStar said...

Loving the spring flow in your words!

C Will said...

Hey WG,
This is beautiful lovely and warm!!:)

SandyCarlson said...

I like this take on yellow so very much!

workerv said...

So beautiful, you captured the essence of
yellow. It's soft, gentle, spiritual, anyone
who ever had the experience of being engulfed
in YELLOW will never be the same again.

septembermom said...

You have such a good command of imagery in verse. It seems to come so naturally to you :) It's wonderful!