Monday, September 12, 2011

Notebook (O.S.I.)

Hi all,

I've written the following poem for O.S.I. The theme this week is notebook.

I comb my thoughts upon this page
And turn it over on its back
As syllables rise and thoughts escape
I tattoo them on my notebook’s face

I dare not let a soul resurrect
The emotions that my heart has kept
No prying hands to open up
In secret do I bury my thoughts


Nanka said...

Encrypted to prevent unauthorized access, nice one and I think I have this notebook of yours !! :)

bel said...

Exactly how I feel about my notebook! Very nicely done (as always).

SandyCarlson said...

This is incredible. Yes!

Harshad mehta said...

Need to be careful with notebooks. I have experience of it going into wrong hands.

Nice piece.

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Beautiful my friend. But then every poem you write is so.


Jim said...

I love that place on the back for the secretly buried thoughts and emotions. We all need one.
Very nice, W.G. :)

Morning said...

love it.

The Gooseberry Garden said...

way to go.
your words speak with grace and power.

welcome share your poetry talent with us this week.

we are open until Thursday, 8pm.

septembermom said...

It is a place to bury thoughts and other treasures. Love the concept and where you took it!