Monday, April 8, 2013

Broadway (O.S.I.)

Hi Bloggers,

I am writing for O.S.I.  and the theme is Broadway!

Farm life is a speck of dirt beneath her fingernails
She is a moth trapped between two worlds
Suspended by the light of the city
Though the mud cakes beneath her boots
Though the cow's udder is so full it moos
Though the rooster holds the sunrise with its crow
And papa's tears are bluer than his overalls
A train hollers in her dreams
Promising happier days in the city

A suitcase holds the remnants of her life
Broadway sparkles with glimmer and light
Yet her heart grows homesick by the day
As her accent slips into a country twang
Her hair still smells of straw and churned butter
She'd rather pick daisies instead of men
In her dreams, she flies and greets clear skies
With hope she'll lay her head in greener pastures


Suzy said...

I love the way you contrasted the two. Home is where the heart is, is beautifully brought through. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jim said...

There is an old saying that you can take the girl out of the counry but you can't take the country out of the girl.

I'm likking this as an ex-country boy. Did I ever tell you or have your read about my riding my horse to my first two years of high school?

Harshad Mehta said...

Oh, heart of a countryside girl in Broadway painted so well here!

and to know that Jim was riding his way to school on horseback feels as if we are now in different age!

anthonynorth said...

As a born and bred country boy I've lived in several cities. This touched a cord. Now, in my late 50s, I've finally returned to that countryside for good.

Green Speck said...

A lovely comparison ... loved it !!!

Gillena Cox said...

good read my fvourite lines...

" Yet her heart grows homesick by the day
As her accent slips into a country twang"

much love...

workerv said...

Most enjoyable, i really love all that you do. I'm
always excited coming to your!

Heather Fields said...

I love this! I can relate to some degree!

Maggie said...

This took me back to my childhood to a time when I had rather go to my grandparents farm more than any place I knew. When I was old enough I wanted to go out in the world and try my wings but I learned what Dorothy meant in Oz..."there is no place like home". Thanks for sharing this treat.


It is a very lovely composition, brilliant description. Speaks of hope, dreams and our desires. Beautiful :)