Sunday, April 21, 2013

Square Box

Hi bloggers,

I am writing the following poem for Sunday Whirl.  

Rosie believes the world reveals its face through a square box
When mama waves her black wand
The square box clicks on and an image waltzes in
With stories and tales that shipped beyond her land

She struggles to understand the world with infant eyes
As horror sweeps against her mother's face
It is like the shock of pain
When she can find no shelter from the rain
And the promise of sunlight dissolves into the clouds

Rosie observes the countless evenings spent in front of the box
As the world thrives on blood
She skinned her knee once, out came a drop of red
But on the screen blood sheds like a river

Men in anger and hate cry infidels
Rosie does not know this word but fears it is a boogie man
While land and sea is consumed by black smoke
Mama tugs her baby tight and whispers a bomb
But her heart refuses to harden in darkness
Rosie is nurtured in love, resilience, and peace


thewritersvillage said...

nice -
What TV does to kids. But is it TV alone?

Maggie said...

I really like your perspective through a child's eyes. Nicely done.

Nanka said...

"...blood sheds like a river" seems to the news the world over!!Well written and leaves the sharp and pungent taste!!
Love the'mama' in this verse, a strong character!!

oldegg said...

Loved the last line. One day perhaps the tranquility of peace will surround us, one day.

Cheryl said...

A different turn. Loved it.

gautami tripathy said...

May peace prevail....

Loved this post....

in my naked glory, I forget myself

Sara McNulty said...

This is a stunning poem. You took everyone to a higher level.

Gillena Cox said...

such a profound response to the wordle; i didnt participate this week

much love...