Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rumi's Moon (Poetry Month)

Hi bloggers,

April is National Poetry Month!  I will be paying homage to classic poets throughout April on my site.  

The following poem was inspired by Rumi's Twilight.

Am I myself
Fingers, toes which curl
In an unconscious stream
A lazy swim 
Eyes half-closed
To the moon
There is a ship 
Which sails beneath
I am a shimmering body
A rock sinking 
Drowning until 
The stars catch me


Green Speck said...

Ahh ... loved it !!!

Reggie said...


I've always had a serious appreciateion for those that can turn a phrase. It's a talent that eludes me.

Lady Whispers said...

I love Rumi's work and this one was just beautiful :)