Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Daughters of Aman (Part IV)

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Here is Part IV of my short story.  If you missed any sections, you can check out Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Scarcely had the men escaped from the great eel's presence, that they filled the halls of the court with shouting: "The prince is dead!"  "Prince Kristacus is dead!" 

The news grieved the king greatly as he cried aloud to heaven, and he inquired about his son's tragic demise.  One of the witnesses recalled the eldest daughter of Aman enticing the prince before he swam to his death.  

But the king refused to investigate the matter for his heart was broken.  He ordered the kingdom mourn Kristacus for two fortnights.  

While the kingdom honored his memory, Redinoldo (the second prince) had desired that the mourning cease. He discerned that his father had become sickly and neglected the throne.  And he ventured out into the Forest of Fortune with hope he'd return with a rare and valuable gift. 

Now the Forest of Fortune was rumored to hold grave dangers for mortal men, but Redinoldo praised himself for being wise and lacked fear.   While the prince hunted, Amielle followed him silently, jumping like a lithe cat from branch to branch.  

Along the journey, a hare crossed his path.  The creature danced in an exotic coat of red and lifted its tail as if to tease him.  Redinoldo raised his arrow slowly and was ready to shoot when the hare shouted:

"Be merciful my prince!" 

"Ho! Did the hare talk to me?  Or do I dream foolishly?"  The prince almost fell backward by the hare's reply.

"Nay, I speak and plead for my life," the creature answered.

"I shall humor you hare," the prince granted.  "What shall you give me in exchange for your life?"

"The untold fortunes of the forest," she replied.  "For no man has seen nor tasted the forest's rich fruits."

"Shall I trust this creature," Redinoldo reasoned aloud.  "Hare, if you lie, my arrow shall strike you dead."

"My prince, I revere you for your wisdom.  And if I lie, I deserve this fate."  

To be continued...

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