Monday, April 29, 2013

Liquid (O.S.I.)

Hello all,

I am writing for O.S.I. and the theme is liquid.  Hope you enjoy!!

I can testify that dreams
Are liquid pools for the soul
And we may take bird baths
Or baptize ourselves
In their splendor

If we spend evenings
In the gutter
Where the rain
Collects our thoughts
May we gleam their beauty
From a crystal waterfall

And should they darken
Towards the moon
In a starless sky
We will laugh and remember
Life is but a dream


Jim said...

I'm liking this, W.G. You begin with the beautiful thought, "dreams
Are liquid pools for the soul," and continue on with descriptive verse keeping with where and what kind of pools those might be.

I love my dreams but most I cannot remember. But I know I enjoy them while they are in progress.

BTW, much of what I write does not apply to my personal life, for sure of the outcome. But my ex and I did live this week's work and now both of us have wonderful marriages with new, different loved ones.

The image was on the counter of a clerk's station at our Kroger pharmacy. She had received it as a 'white elephant' Christmas gift.

Harshad Mehta said...

Oh yes, Life is but a dream!
And it flows so well!

Sandy Carlson said...

It is, so let's jump in and make the most of it!

Gillena Cox said...

the end verse is my favourite

much love...