Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Reaper (Pt IV)

The thoughts of his father seized his mind so suddenly, he sensed a hand gripping him. His mother's voice pulled him from his revelry. Her hawkish eyes awaited a fire storm. But his smile assuaged the brewing fire. The smile kindled youth in her eyes and for an instant, a little lad tottered before her. She kissed the image of him before he grew into a man again.

"I didn't mean to raise my voice," she whispered, wrapping her son tightly in her embrace. He wiggled from her, half annoyed, but accepted the love bursting from her.

"Now, I have a friend coming to see you," she explained. "He's very much interested in your future." She watched her son scowl but she reassuringly kissed him on the hand.

He met the spry, cowboy donning his white, cotton tee and rugged jeans. He appeared after eleven years to Kadin's disdain. He associated his father's departure with this man's arrival. Thus, his affection were calloused towards him.

"Dear lord, you weren't lying about this boy. He's a giant," complimented the cowboy.

"Thank you," his mother curtsied. "He has very good genes." The cowboy brandished sports equipment in his hand: a football in his forearm, a baseball in his right hand, and a golf club in his left.

"Ever played with one of these son," the cowboy asked. Kadin cringed at the word son.

"No, I like Frisbee better," he scoffed.

"You've got yourself a comedian here," the cowboy jested. Growing impatient, his mother nudged Kadin in the rib. Her eyes conveyed the great commandment "Thou shall obey your mother." He humbly cowered to her.

The cowboy watched as he performed tricks and feats effortlessly. His body moved like a graceful gazelle and his muscles bulged liked a rhinoceros.

"Your son is untrained but fierce," the cowboy concluded. "I am convinced I can secure him a scholarship. He requires rigorous training though. " The cowboy was not convinced Kadin possessed the discipline to be successful.

"He is an obedient boy. He won't be any trouble," his mother assured him. This time she sentenced a man away from the house corrupted by vines. She sent him away with the intentions of cultivating a new man. She desired, above all, that he not seek the life of a sower.


septembermom said...

Another enjoyable excerpt. The dialogue is right on target. This story is developing nicely. You definitely have an interested reader here :)

Kilauea Poetry said...

Reminds me of how we try to set up road blocks and direct the course? "house corrupted by vines"- cold, ha..
Well, I'm drinking my coffee here, intrigued as usual..nice-

Anonymous said...

Kadin future looks great! Love the way this
story flows. It mirrors life, I feel like i'm
in the middle of things.

workerv said...

I wait impatiently for The Reaper, I really
enjoy your work, keep moving on! Inspiring!