Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Reaper (Pt V)

Kadin never knew sleep while under the cowboy's possession. He ripped him from the arms of sleep like a newborn from his mother. His eyes groped about the still blackness of night.

The sun didn't peek its head from the horizon. The stars grew dim and restless. The cold air enveloped his lungs as the cowboy conducted drills; the silver hiss of his whistle ringing in his ears.

The weeks settled like a deck of cards. He rose in darkness; he slept in darkness. But one day the cowboy's rough hands slackened. He was enrolled in a private college. The cowboy's connections lay golden opportunities at his feet.

"Haven't I done right by you, my boy," the cowboy laughed and patted his back jovially.

"Yes sir," Kadin replied. He had no doubt that his mother was the invisible master behind his destiny. The cowboy was merely an actor in her grand show.

He was thrusted upon the doors of academia. The halls of higher learning, the pantheon of knowledge. He watched boys and girls his own age scurrying along the sidewalks. They all appeared amused with smiles plastered upon their faces. Many huddled like wolves in a pack, charging at something he did not know.

He realized when he left the presence of the cowboy, he had entered into a new freedom. There were no eyes watching him. No commandments whipping against his ear. Perhaps this won't be so bad, he thought as he walked into his new destiny.


septembermom said...

Love this one too! There is so much poetry here: "no commandments whipping against his ear", "huddled like wolves in a pack" and "an actor in her grand show". I could go on and on... You're such a wonderful talent!

Nadege said...

awesome intro. WG, hope to read more of this
story. sweet line: the weeks settled in like
a deck of cards.

Kilauea Poetry said...

I like how you lifted life's often inevitable turns..what we would of avoided or resisted..but works for good..or does unexpectedly. Obviously your telling the story but the poetry woven in here is nice too. Hope your enjoying your weekend-

workerv said...

What a great inspirational story for young men
today. They can glimpse the struggles of their
fathers and life will not exempt them. We just
don't know who or what will be use to perfect
us, your insight is far beyond your ears.

workerv said...

Your insight is far beyond your years. Years!

Anonymous said...

This moves with the grace of a novel I love this it has so many layers fantastic!!:) WG you have such a wonderful and distinctive writing style. Love It!!!