Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Simply Snickers Challenge: Peek

This week's Simply Snicker's Challenge is using the words park, peek, and pick.

The accompanying painting is Spring by Carl Larsson.

Pretty in pink
A gentleman took a peek
Of a lady in a bonnet
Nestling in trees
She searched for her wallet
Much obliged to her need
He rode upon a steed
Recovered what was lost
And picked a flower for her cause
Lightly kissed her in the park
Laughing till the skies turned dark


floreta said...

very cute and i love that picture. i like the detail about the wallet.

Pretty Me!! said...

ur words have a class !! simply sweet and poetically perfect

Brosreview said...

Very cute! Keep writing!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so adorable and very vivid it make me smile!!:p WG you have a wonderful way of adding words to a picture to bring it to life...well done!!

septembermom said...

Playful spirit in this one. Love the picture too. Such a romantic time period.

workerv said...

So like you! Sweet, playful, and just
pleasantly light hearted....Thanks

Nadege said...

Light and lovely pretty girl.

cordieb said...

And who said chivalry was dead. . .? so innocent and reminiscent of distant days gone pass...I love it!!!


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

How lovely.

You incorporated the artwork and prompts so seamlessly.

Next week's prompt is up!


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