Friday, May 8, 2009

Simply Snicker Challenge #7

This week's Simply Snicker's Challenge uses the words Jeer, Jump, and Just.

Jump into life
Head first
Swimming freely
Time rolling like waves
The sun rising in your eye
Like a balloon
Drifting towards the sky
Heed not to jeers
Just ride
In the tide of life


Brosreview said...

"Just ride
In the tide of life" - Amen to that!!! Keep writing!!!

Kilauea Poetry said...

This just's like that too, isn't it- being on a ride? Honest, sometimes I want off!ha.. nice one-

septembermom said...

I feel the energy in this one! Love riding that "tide of life".

Anonymous said...

How inspirational. Just what I needed this morning. Seems life always takes us where we need to be. Thanks for creating ang sharing this most inspiring poem.

Nadege said...

oh yeah*

sojourner said...

i like the thought of jumping into life head first :0)

Grieving Mother/Therapist, Angie Bennett Prince said...

Nice visuals for my imagination!

Thank you, Write Girl!


CoFfEe AnGeL said...

this is awesome...who knew the fewer the words the more inspiration lay in them :) am following u r blog...i think its a tiny but sparkly gem :)