Sunday, May 17, 2009

Praise The Lord & More (Acrostic)

This week's Acrostic Only Challenge featured eight words. I choose the words Praise the Lord, Love, and Hypocrisy.

Sinners to



Losing all traces
Opining syllables
Vertically rising
Entice kisses

Honey dipped language
Yields consent
Promises receding
Oligarchy rules
Condemning dissidence
Rotting chambers
Insidious arguments
Silence meekly


floreta said...

you're really good at this form! everything fits together so nicely.

Brosreview said...

Nice choice of words!!! And, made further beautiful by your description. Nicely done!!! Keep writing!!!

septembermom said...

Wonderful! Love the power of the ending, "yearns". That's what the quest for communion with God is all about, isn't it?

Beloved Dreamer said...

TWG, so sorry I did not get back to you and the award. Is it too late?

Also this is a both wonderful and powerful poem. Such clever use of the prompt words. I Love this. Well done friend.


Anonymous said...

You have an amazing way of bring clarity and vision with one word fantastic!! LOVE WHAT YOU DO AND LOVE THE WAY YOU DO IT!!!:):p
Thanks WG

Kilauea Poetry said...

Bravo..too cool! I second the above anonymous!

Amias said...

You have truly outdone yourself with these .. they are so very beautiful and to the point. I agree, you have a gift for acrostics, so don't stop!

Dani said...

I have an award for you at Dani's Daily Drop if you'd like to grab it! Love your blog!

LazyKing said...

Your talent is amazing. Please post more poems. They are like chocolate. I know someone who will loves this one too, I'm sending her the link

LLnL said...

Wow! LazyKing sent me a link to this. I'm so glad I did not miss it. This writing went straight to my heart, incredible!

Nadege said...

Hey WG, this acrostic is astonishing! You've
written a profound poem within the boundaries
of the form.

Savannah said...

Congratulations! You are an Acrostic Only BWA Winner!

Savannah said...

You second win ... Congratulations! You are an Acrostic Only BWA Winner!