Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Reaper (Pt X)

Kadin woke shaking and trembling in his bed. The dew of the field and the image of his father melted. The wind cackled against his window. The warmth of the sun tapped against his conscience. In his heart, he conceived all could be rectified between him and his father. For he would make the reparations his father yearned for.

"Kadin, I'm surprised you contacted me," the cowboy spoke coolly. "Well, aren't you happy my boy? Don't you enjoy school?"

"School is fine," Kadin answered. He felt the words burn his tongue. "Sir, I have a business proposition for you. And you are the kind of man that can't refuse a good deal."

"Ha, I knew those classes would pay off. Speak, my boy, speak,"and the cowboy slapped his hands in glee.

"Thank you sir," Kadin continued. "You have trained me well but there is one thing that I seek. And that is the property that was stolen from my father."

"Stolen," and the cowboy's eyes sternly rebuked him. "Your mother sold me that land outright. And she spared your family from the famine."

"But it grieved my father and I cannot live while he sits in poverty," Kadin cried.

"The man may very well be rich and successful," the cowboy dismissed and turned to leave.

"He would have surely returned to his family if he was fine," Kadin spat back. And his hands curled into two iron fists.

"My boy, you've got a nasty temper there," the cowboy stammered. "All right, what can I do for you?" He sought to assuage the young man.

"Return the deeds of my father and I shall forfeit my education and work for you." The cowboy was surprised by his proposition.

"I will work until my debt has been paid. Now, if you will give me the deed." Kadin tore his transcripts and tosssed them at his feet. The cowboy recongized the boy's value. He could use a strong lad for manual labor.

"Okay, my boy. You win," the cowboy spoke smugly. "I worry for your mother though. What would she say if she saw you?" Kadin shook at the memory of his mother.

His mind wandered towards Julia's lips, and her eyes gaping at him. He held the memory of her knowing that he would not see her again. His future now chased a broken past.


C Will said...

Oh my Kadin is so noble love the line "His future now chased a broken past." This story still holds my attention with purpose and strength. WG you are a writer!!:)

septembermom said...

Kadin is a powerful character with a sensitive heart. The story gets better and better :)

Fiducia said...

Wow! You write so well...
Kadin seems so strong..!
Just kept me waiting for the story to go on...
Nicely written!

Kilauea Poetry said...

"The warmth of the sun tapped against his conscience".. I think your an excellent writer and enjoyed this interesting turn of events- Nice going-