Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Love You/ Romance (Acrostic)

This week's Acrostic Only Challenge featured eight words. I chose the word Romance and the phrase I Love You.




Relentless patters
Of rhythmic
Arrests hearts
Nimble woos
Coddle kisses
Enticing love


Brosreview said...

Very nice! I loved the way you've decoded "Romance". Keep writing!

Beloved Haiku Dreams said...

Dear friend this is a lovely delicate poem. A winner forshore. I have been ill for some time. While I was in hospital my BD blog came under attack and was removed. My new web blog is:
I seem unable to contact anyone. I hope that you can find me. Blogger is be a pain. I may have to
go to word press.
I have missed so much wonderful poems. Keep writing my friend. I have lost all of my work and must start again.


judith ellis said...

So very nice!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Ya..I wasn't going to say romantic but it is.
"Relentless patters
Of rhythmic
Arrests hearts.." very nice with the red letters-

Pretty Me!! said...

loved the acro on Romance :) nice !!

Rinkly Rimes said...

Very difficult to blend three words. You did it well

mysterious gal said...

wow this was beautiful and amazing...and totally captures the essence... very nice :)

Jenners said...

I always like these types of poems ... this is a nice playful one! Love how you got yodeling in there!

Savannah said...

I enjoyed these, especially the one on Romance!

septembermom said...

Very nice! You're a true romantic :) I like "rhythmic memories".

Terri Bebla said...


Savannah said...

Congratulations! You won Acrostic Only BWA Honorable Mentions.

Also I downside the badges and they will fix your side bar better.