Tuesday, June 2, 2009


There are inflections of wisdom
In her voice so deep
Her words coil like roots
In my fingers
I grasp for its depth
But it escapes me
Shrinking to its earthen bed


Kilauea Poetry said...

Simple, yet expressed well..
Hey, you know, I look foreward to your stuff..I guess I can just relate and always feel encouraged &(by the reciprocation) but also like we seem to be going in the same direction.yet your a beautiful reflection- (not of me ha ha) but what God is shining through to show others like me. (hugs)

floreta said...

beautiful! wisdom isn't something you can physically grasp.. i like the idea of wisdom as something borrowed from the earth.

Brosreview said...

Beautiful! Really, very well-written! You've established the tough relationship between "grasp" and "wisdom" very well here. Keep writing!!!

septembermom said...

Love coil like roots in my fingers! Well done! You hit the mark in showing the attraction and elusiveness of wisdom. Perfect imagery.

Anonymous said...

I admirer the way you weave a picture and story together with words and leave the reader thinking about your thoughtfulness. Now that's wisdom!!:)

Mary Elizabeth said...

Now and Then