Saturday, February 20, 2010

January (Pt V)

"Sorry, I'm late," she laughed. "Well, do you like my evening frock? The moon gave it to me as a present. Nice, little fellow but very strange..." Felix's mouth was agape, staring incredulously at the vision before him.

"Did I freeze you boy," she laughed. "I'm in my absolute best, and you couldn't even think to shave." He laughed sheepishly, running his hand over his beard.

"My apologies madame," he said, playing along with her little game.

"Now, how do you like your subjects: clothed or naked?" Felix coughed with uncontrollable laughter.

"I thought you were a spirit. You couldn't possibly have a woman's..." And he trailed off with embarrassment.

"Remember, I can take on the form of your choosing. Use your imagination," she smiled.

"Please keep your coat on. I want to capture how stunning you look."

"You're beginning to like me Felix," she spoke softly, her lips exhaling frost smoke.

He smiled back at her. She inspired art in him. Her icy gaze searched him like he was the canvas and she, the artist. He worked in the moonlight, titling her head for direction and painting her with an inner longing.

He finished painting her as the dawn blushed red in the sky. January sat motionless as if in a deep stupor. Her sapphire eyes staring intently on him.

"It's finished," he announced half exhausted and astounded. "You are a masterpiece."

She dashed to his side excitedly. Her eyes leapt joyfully with each brushstroke, and she reached out her hand to touch it.

"It isn't dry yet," he spoke softly. Felix no longer shrank from her icy frame. He recognized the beauty in her, and his hands swept across her hair melting like gold in the sunlight.


floreta said...

i like your vocabulary here! especially agape, for some reason. :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! As icy cold as January is she has warm
my heart. Love it!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Vivid and cute- I like these short stories Katina-

C Will said...

Hey WG,
I like this story intriguing and mysterious. Great visual lines.!!!:) much love!!

Nadege said...

romantic & dream-like prose, write girl.

I read your book review 'Have a Little Faith'.
Well written, Ms. Katina. I'm very impressed.
You rendered the plot, characters and overall
tone of the book in a smooth, flowing style.
Your definition of faith was the crowning
glory of the review.

The only reason I didn't leave a comment at
that site is that one is required to join to
comment and I've already joined so many sites.

Excellent work, my dear.

septembermom said...

The passion with the icy one... I can feel the tug of war between resistance and submission in these words. Great!

JStar said...


Saadi said...

U got the most amazing vocabulary ever!!

A said...

words cannot describe... your writing is so rich and full of color! I can actually see the whole scene as if I was there in the room :)