Monday, February 8, 2010

Single (O.S.I.)

A man sleepwalks with a solitary gait
A single thought upon his mind
He strikes a single chord
The piano sings a note
An ode to the brilliance of the moon
He inhabits the black horizon alone
The stars are his groupies, he thought

Single is the light in a room of darkness
Flickering to a bluesy tune
One lonely girl wishes upon a star
A single tear kisses her loveless cheek
He blinks at the imagery
She’s a beautiful, sweet single


septembermom said...

"loveless cheek" - good image. I enjoyed this poem very much!

SandyCarlson said...


Kilauea Poetry said...

I liked this one..clever lines to the last stanza-

The Amateur Poet said...

very beautiful imagery...

thanks! :)

Saadi said...

I gotta say 'Loveless cheek' gripped my attention the most!

Kay said...

oh, i had to read it twice, grasping it as a whole...lovely.

Tumblewords: said...

Beautiful and thoughtful words, vivid imagery!

mia said...

Dear Write Girl,

Your poem is singularly lovely. A quiet
and deep desire for love is sustained within
your poem, so that I feel for each person.


Jim said...

Talk about imagery, you had me 'tingling' before the end with that happy sad single tear.
I love it! :)
BTW, my OSI this week has a guy getting single. Not very romantic, that.

anthonynorth said...

Beautifully done.
You'll find mine here.