Monday, February 15, 2010

Together We Stand (Acrostic)

Tugging hands shall guide
Our hearts willed onward
Greater heights yet traversed
Engulfing our mind's landscape
Tottering on the brink
Hope is our sunrise
Enveloping the great horizon
Reach for the sky

When the beaten road
Eats at our souls

Sing to the spirit
Trust the guiding heart
Arise in the darkness
Nesting in friendship's arms
Dreams shared are realized

Posted for: Acrostic Only


septembermom said...

I can feel the optimism in this acrostic. Very good! Hope all is well my friend :)

Kilauea Poetry said...

The horizon does look bleak but it will be ok..there is a hope, so we just keep looking not at the seen but to the substance of the unseen. Your right- it is our sunrise- nice acrostic-

Amias said...

Wonderful take on the prompt, very inspiring and hopeful.

JStar said...

BRILLIANT!!! Pefectly written! Girl you make me wanna burn my diary :)

C Will said...

Hey WG,
Thanks for this uplifting acrostic. I believe when we share a good word we draw good things. well done my friend!!!:)

Nadege said...

again, write girl - your words are a positive,
spiritual force.

Saadi said...

'Hope is our sunrise'

Awesome-ness! :D