Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Simply Snicker Challenge# 5

This week's challenge includes the words blue, bright, and bring.

The accompanying painting is William John Leech's The Goose Girl (1910-1914)

She rises early on still pastures.
Against bright green blades
Her soul flutters with laughter
Soft flowers nestling
On their earthly beds
While dovetailed birds
Waddle against her legs
She brings her goods most dutifully
As the sky bleeds a vibrant blue
Her legs run joyfully


Brosreview said...

"While dovetailed birds
Waddle against her legs"

Lovely!!! A very appropriate picture here!!! I reckon it prompted or helped you write this one, did it?

C Will said...

Your words only bring the picture to life all the more great job!!:)

Regina Marie said...

These lines flow like the painting above..
"Soft flowers nestling
On their earthly bleeds a vibrant blue-

Well, I decided to join in on this too..

workerv said...

Beautiful, Beautiful,Beautiful, so soft and
gentle. "Out of their bellies come living
waters" Your work touch hearts it breathes
such sensitivity.

septembermom said...

"The sky bleeds a vibrant blue" - my favorite line. Well done! I like the accompanying picture.

judith ellis said...