Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lazy Sleeper

Are you the lazy sleeper
That lounges on my windowsill
Eyelids closed upon the dawn
Stirring only when the wind
Carouses you
A menace to my flowerbed
You terrorize the birds
You've made enemies
With the squirrels
The world is a bowl of yarn
And your the cat's meow
Lazy sleeper


septembermom said...

Great lines throughout this poem! I like "the world is a bowl of yarn" especially. I can picture the poem's speaker bending down to have this "conversation" with the lazy sleeper. This one brings a smile to my face this evening:)

Brosreview said...

I mentioned this earlier, didn't I? Well, I shall write it again, perhaps, your consistency in delivering such great imagery blows me away!!! Keep writing!!! After all, you are The Write Girl.

C Will said...

This is just delightful very cute!!:) well done!!

LazyKing said...

nice, very nice! I like it

workerv said...

Your the cat's meow...luv it!

Saadi said...

Nice way to describe a cat!! How often do I wish I was one....lucky creatures, aren't they?!

Regina Marie said...

Cats..I love them! Choice words for these guys! We don't have squirrels -do they really give them a bad time? We have mongoose.. but they don't cross each others path? I'm done with one flower bed and I know exactly what you mean..I don't want them in there!

Captain Esc said...

Very cute :P.

judith ellis said...

This is so incredibly fun. Thank you.

virgo27 said...

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