Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Reaper (Pt III)

When Kadin's mother woke him early, they were for the purposes of doing manual labor: chopping wood, mowing the lawn, or walks on long shopping errands. But this morning awakened a strange suspicion in his gut. Why, he did not know. He sensed someone was coming. He envisioned them peeking into his window and invading his space. Were they mere dreams or premonitions? He laughed within himself and rocked back to sleep. His mother tapped his overgrown body but he didn't stir.

"Wake up," his mother boomed and his body awakened to a sudden earthquake.

"Dress nicely. We have a visitor today," his mother commanded. These words possessed a familiar echo in his ear. She recited those words the day his father left. He refused to stir from his bed.

"Get up now," she shouted. "Stop shuffling your feet. You must be ready for the visitor."

"I remember the last visitor," her son lashed back and the words cut her cheek.
"Ungrateful boy. I have given you everything in life. Your father chose to leave." She watched her son shrink to the size of a mouse and scurry about the house like a servant.

She wanted to hug and kiss him but what could she say? She regretted selling the land too. She thought she did right by her family. She could not foresee its utter destruction. All these thoughts she kept to herself because he was young and angry. An excuse, an apology, was too late of an offering now.

Kadin's feet grew heavier with every step. His heart rose from his chest and leapt like a frog. He was anxious to see the visitor. Would the rugged frame of his father walk through those doors?


Kilauea Poetry said...

I noticed you just posted this..
Looks like hope and regret? I'm hopeful-

C Will said...

With great expectation and excitement I wait for part 4!!:) well done - Oh yes I'm hopeful as well.

septembermom said...

Love the sense of waiting at the end. You sketch out Kadin's feelings and emotions so well in this piece. I like how you are giving glimpses of the mom's concern and despair. Love this story!!

Jenners said...

I'm getting more hooked with each post!

workerv said...

Interesting! Great details in describing
Kadin's dilemma, now i am wondering where is the sister, and the father? Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Vesper de Vil said...

this is beautiful and works in itself as a powerful piece of flash fiction. i am the founder and contributing editor of glossolalia. i would love for you to submit this piece (and any others you have).

Amias said...

I like how this is progressing. But he went from not wanting to get up to excitement of seeing the stranger too fast. I wanted to see the through process of him thinking that maybe it was his father. Still, a good read.