Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Sower (Pt IV)

The couple walked towards him and something suspicious itched in his bones. The stranger sported a rugged beard and was dressed in an egg white tee, blue jeans, and black boots. He took off his cowboy hat and bowed.

“This is my husband,” his wife spoke impatiently.

“Your wife here tells me you’ve experienced a terrible famine.” He made the statement in a very smug and authoritative tone.

“What business do you have here, friend,” the sower asked. He was not fond of the stranger but thought he owed him a bit of hospitality.

“I’m here to purchase land.”

“Land?” The sower choked on this word and glared at his wife. “But this is our home.”

“Oh no. Not this piece of cow manure,” the visitor chuckled. “Your wife says you have very fertile land out west. I’ve seen the place and I’d like to buy it.”

The sower groaned within himself. His wife sold the land he had toiled, sweat and watered in his tears. He watched the long, black locks of her hair morph into hideous snakes. She became a creature he detested.

Saying nothing else, the sower walked from the place he once called home. He did not stop to kiss the forehead of his children nor wipe the tears from their cheek. He did not embrace the poisonous one he called his wife. He watched the vines choke the white house and the home sink into the earth to be seen no more.
Will he return? His daughter asked.
Soon my child. Very soon…


septembermom said...

Great line about the vine choking the house and sinking into the earth. This story breathes in such a dramatic way. I could see it as a play, lived out on the stage. Wonderfully written. Oh, how the wife morphed into the villain right before the reader's eyes!!

Anonymous said...

This is a blast! I thought she had sold the
land! So it is, so it is. Girl, when you said "He looked at her and what he saw ......"
I fell out laughing, a flip of the coin. It was
as if I was there. Really, I gasp at the images.
I kind of felt it coming ,It still a shock!
Great Stuff, Great Stuff! You go Girl!:}

Saadi said...

Making hair seem like snakes does make it sound very evil.

Nice one.

Will be waiting for the next part.

Nadege said...

wowWoW, what a beginning pretty girl, very pearl
buck-ish, hopefully there will be a part 2.
the feel of the barren atmosphere and the
controlled emotions of the sower - each done
so well.

C Will said...

You are a gifted writer always leaving the reader trap in the story great job:):)

ps. The sower is fascinating.

workerv said...

We are so Blessed, and thank God for the Blog
site, giving gifted writer a platform for
expression, we are privileged. Thanks!


Kilauea Poetry said...

I cut myself off on your Revelations..enjoyed your piece..this has me staying tuned. We're all like a parable I think.