Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Rain

The world was silent before the great rain
Clouds billowing in a silvery gray
Puffed up above our heads
We cannot wish it away
Tree limbs shivering in the breeze
The soil is drowning
Windy assault on umbrellas floating away
Water rising against our boots
Limp goes our curls and lashes
Wet clothes clinging to our silhouettes
Layers peel away, slow and cold
A stranger shift begins in our bones
Tiny voices singing in the rain
A bit of folly to part the gray
While the window grows dim and dark
Rooftops sagging down like rocks
A twirl of gold around my neck
Artificial sunlight


Brosreview said...

"Artificial sunlight" - This is one of the keywords I was thinking of myself.

PS: Do read my latest song. I have released two this week.

Dani said...


And I totally had to share that when I was over at My Voice My View I felt like your total twinner! Every one of your answers were like mine! You rock! :)

C Will said...

Hey WG,
Wow are you right about the weather..looking forward to the wonderful sunshine coming. Stay dry take care!!:)

Saadi said...

Wow!! U make me wish so bad for rainy season to come to Pakistan! :(

Hildred and Charles said...

I love your photos, - especially the first 'Prism'.

Lovely poem.