Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Murmur (O.S.I.)

Sounds beneath the skin
They like to murmur
Mostly my tummy
The navel its mouth
Humming its hunger

Outside there is a murmur
The wind whipping in my ear
Is it heaven talking
Commanding all things
To move and shake

The world murmurs
Car horns and screeching wheels
The buzz of the crowd
Persistent, beating heart
Soundtrack of the mind
A constant murmur

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Nalini Hebbar said...

one need to turn off the murmur in the head...thats what Yoga teaches us

lovely poem about the body mind and nature...I wish you has included the soul...that would have completed the poem

Carina said...

In fact, everything we aren't focusing our attention on, is just a murmur.

I like it!

Jenners said...

My tummy doesn't murmur ... it growls!

Jim said...

I like your progression here, W.G. Especially I like the first, those empty tummies surely do murmer loudly.
My ears constantly ring, a dull roar but the ears do murmer.

Brosreview said...

These murmurs are like a monologue, aren't they? Nice one!

SandyCarlson said...

The murmur of the world shakes and rolls me every day.

JStar said...

This speaks to my heart! God's murmur, we ignore until He is our only way out...Blocking at the un needed murmur of life and its stresses

Kay said...

on and on it goes....

Mojo said...

The constant buzz, the undertone of the world as it moves around us. I hear it in your verse. Nicely done.

Robin said...

I like this. Nice progression from the subtle murmur within us to the slightly louder murmur just outside us to the loud murmur of the busy world.

Leo said...

very true... i often hear all those murmurs..
sometimes, that murmur of my tummy overthrows the murmur of the world ;) :D

lovely work :)

Maggie said...

I enjoyed the murmurs from indide to outside.

Nadege said...

murmurs of LiFe - excellent, pretty girl - how
you weaved the murumrs thru-out our lives.

Aayushi Mehta said...

wonderfully said...

Saadi said...

Very creative!