Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tag Writing (II)

Hi bloggers,

Last week, I decided to start up a little writing meme using 3 prompts. The goal is to create a poem or short story. Thanks Septembermom for playing along. You can click here to read it. I chose Prompt#1. I hope you all enjoy the story.

He remembered his father's last words: " Go get yourself a good woman." He was both thrilled and horrified at the challenge. He was young, rugged, and immature. He liked the feel of his torn jeans, and his cowboy lifestyle. He rode the bus with a lasso in hopes of catching a bride.

The bus swelled with heat and was almost full. He eyed a young woman with her eyelids down. A book was turned over on her lap. A knapsack was seated next to her.

"Pardon me, ma'am," he introduced. "Could I sit with you?" Her eyes immediately opened in a dark trance. A few lines settled over her brow, but she quickly parted into a smile.

"No problem," she whispered and transferred the knapsack on her lap. She was amused by his large, cowboy hat, and the lasso he carried in his arms. He cocked his hat up, and she saw his deep, blue eyes gazing at her.

"Cowboys are a dying breed," he laughed as he placed his hands behind his head. "Where's this bus headed to anyway?"

"Somewhere far away," she answered. Her voice seemed to trail off into the distance.

"Good," he laughed again. Her smile began to wane as she drifted back to sleep.

He gazed on her like she was sunshine. Perhaps, he'd lasso her in a new adventure. He moved in close as the bus sputtered away.

I'll be back to post more prompts next week : )


septembermom said...

I like your cowboy's easy wit. Great story. I love how you get that instant rapport going between the characters.

This was fun. I look forward to playing your meme again. Happy Saturday!!

Kilauea Poetry said...

You know this was a fun read- enjoyable! I may jump in..sometimes it takes me awhile. Cheers-

Saadi said...

Can't wait for the next one! Please post soon!

Andúnië said...

I'm glad I found your blog- you write beautifully.