Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In Search of Spring

Hi everyone!! I'm sorry if my acrostic yesterday was a bit too deep. Today's poem is a friendly take on spring. I hope you enjoy : )

We woke up early in search of spring
The sun still snoring, refused to rise
We laughed as we poked and prodded ourselves
Emptied our closets and fell into the abyss
Our boots still wet from winter snow
Coats and hats dusted in snowflake glee

We like the spring, they show our knees
We crave our khaki capris and washed out jeans
Our sundresses riding in the breeze
We inspected bare limbs with our magnifying glass
Still no sign of spring
The buds are too stubborn to our pleas

The breeze teases us in cool breath
Where is spring?
Perhaps she'll fly up like migratory birds
Nestle in our bird feeders and ponds
Silly us have abandoned our winter clothes
Running barefoot in frost bitten grass
We'll dance in the spring


Kilauea Poetry said...

I really like that acrostic..I mean we are confronting this horrible reality..
Well, this is lighter and carefree -"Khaki's and washed out jeans..inspected bare limbs with a magnifying glass" all enjoyable lines!
It's actually getting colder here and all ther rain came back.
Hope you have a wonderful day(tomarrow)-

Brosreview said...

Don't apologize for yesterday's deep and dark poetry. I understand that you explained it in the PoV of the bomber. I felt it was simply great! I was simply pointing out the misconception such bombers have. I hope I did not make you feel bad.

This poem is really well-written! I like the imagery here! Well done!

JStar said...

Girl I LOVE EVERYTHING you write!!! This makes me feel refreshed!!!Spring, feels soo GREAT :)

septembermom said...

Love the last image so much. "Running barefoot in frostbitten grass." Perfect. I'm ready for spring now for sure :)

Kay said...

wonderful depiction of the anticipation of spring! Spring Fever for sure! But you placed it down teasingly, gracefully and down right beautifully

C Will said...

Hey WG,
I enjoyed this...Spring is just around the corner I can't wait!! well done!!:)