Friday, March 12, 2010

Tag You're It!

Hi bloggers! Tonight I am launching my first writing meme. I hope you do play along.

Tag You're It (Tag writing) will provide 3 different story lines. The purpose of the game is to write something fun, provocative, exciting, humorous, or whatever else comes to mind. It can be a short story or written in poetic form. There are really no rules except to try something creative. I'm going to start posting these prompts on Friday and you have the entire week to think of something fun. You can post it on your blog and I will visit. For those who don't blog but would like to play along you can post in the comments section.

Here are the 3 prompts:

Prompt# 1
He remembered his father's last words: " Go get yourself a good woman." He was both thrilled and horrified at the challenge. He was young, rugged, and immature. He liked the feel of his torn jeans, and his cowboy lifestyle. He rode the bus with a lasso in hopes of catching a bride.

Prompt # 2
She felt at ease with the blank canvas in front of her. Today, they were painting a nude figure. I hope he's a Greek god, she thought happily but quickly framed her thoughts in a more professional manner. It was a great departure from early portraits of inanimate objects. A confident man strolled in, clad in a black robe. She was enamored by his chiseled features, but noticed that he looked familiar.

Prompt# 3
A weary man dragged his belongings to a town on the hill. All of his possessions were fastened in an old trunk. Everyday, he would wake up early, hold out his mug, and cry for alms. One day, a wealthy man kneeled reverently and said " Dear man, I'll trade my wealth for your poverty."

Hope you play along. Tag, you're it : )


Kilauea Poetry said...

Hey there..thanks for your comments-
So the idea is to choose one of the prompts? They run through the week right?
Ok, I'll see what I can come up with, ha ha.
have a great evening-

septembermom said...

Sounds like fun! I'm in :) I'll do my post soon. Thanks!!

Jenners said...

Cool idea. I'll have to try and remember to check the prompts and fit it in!!! You've got some good ones.