Saturday, March 6, 2010

Childlike Sprint

Those forgetful butterflies
Skipping on the ends of petals
In the sun soaked spring of meadows
Scarcely feel the changes on their wings

There is the content of being
An ease like the wind on lazy Sundays
The slow trot of clouds in blue skies
The world slowly spinning round
An artful waltz in place

The fearless childlike sprint
Across the painted skies
Where daydreamers lay contentedly
Tossing worries and cares
Like shoes strung high on a tree

Bodies boundless performing somersaults
Defying time and gravity
Life is a storybook
Page turning in the breeze
Never ending adventures
Written on childlike faith


Kilauea Poetry said...

Now, I look at this as a place of refuge and hope- worries and cares work to bring us there..but certainly one of childlike faith- thanks for sharing your wonder words-

workerv said...

Beautiful, so beautiful, "Pages turning in the
breeze, so long,long,long age:]

Anonymous said...

Childhood! Seemingly a perfect place, where the
weak looks strong, where the small looks big and
dreams can't wait to come true. And the pages
fly in the breeze of time, we grow up, wake up,
and take care of the child in side/

Jenners said...

I think this was one of your best poems yet. The imagery was really pleasing and I love the subject matter. Well done!

Nadege said...

gorgeous - love the way your words play on
my tongue & the visual plays upon my mind -
talented girl you make words sing.

Saadi said...

Wonderful!! I loved the lines about sprinting across skies and dreamers!!!


septembermom said...

The life of a child is intoxicating to watch. Great poem! Love all the imagery.

Brosreview said...

Great imagery in this piece! This is a huge hit!