Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lost Youth

Hi bloggers,

Here is a story for Thursday's Tales. They have already posted a new tale for this week, but I was inspired to write about the photo above. The artwork is by IzNoGood.

Lauren had taken an unusual route through the forest. Her feet were guided by an invisible compass. Her mind was swimming with the events of that afternoon. She had pressing deadlines at her job and not much time to sit and think. Yet, the open air called her. The sky swirled and seemed vast. There was a message from the universe, she thought. Life was more than meetings and emails.

Lauren gasped when she spotted a young girl in the woods. The girl stood still without emotion. She looked quite old fashioned in a frilly dress. Her long curls and skin were deprived of sunlight. The brim of her hat hung low and swallowed her face.

The girl didn't flinch, and Lauren perceived she was carved in stone. Suddenly, she heard the cry of the girl. Lauren inched closer towards her.

"Are you lost little girl," Lauren asked her. At first, the girl didn't answer but lifted her head. Her face was almost gray, but her eyes were bluer than the sky.

"You've only noticed me today," the child answered. "But I have chased you my whole life. Won't you come and play?" Lauren was confused by the child's response. She couldn't possibly know her.

"I'm sorry but I don't believe we've met," Lauren began. "I have so much to do today. Come back with me and I'll phone your parents." The girl shrank from her like a shadow. Her blue eyes grew dim like night.

"I wish you could remember," the girl sobbed. She started to run like the wind and vanished beyond the trees. Only her hat remained and laid softly on the earth.

Puzzled, Lauren lifted her hat off the ground. She soon forgot the encounter and returned to her world of work and deadlines. She did not recognize the girl of her youth but noticed a shadow growing in her place.


Leo said...

hmm, shadow of her past? or perhaps someone who admired her when she was young? ur tale holds quite many possibilities WG.. was a really nice take on the tale.

there is no time limit for the tale now, earlier it was there because the linky would be available for only a week. you can write on any tale anytime, earlier the better :)

Brosreview said...

That chase goes on forever. Like my tutor used to tell me, "No matter how old we get, we should let that inner child remain alive".

Kilauea Poetry said...

To me, it seems like that old tug of war inside..the voice prompting in a different direction. Anyway, I think your take on this photo is terrific! Nice one,

JStar said...

Amazingly powerful!!!!

I nominated you in Jingles Poet Rally...

C Will said...

Hey WG,
This is very lovely - this reminds me of all the things you lose along the way and never realize they are gone. It's ok to mature but never forget to laugh along the way!! thanks for making me smile and look around for the little person in me!!:) God Bless

workerv said...

So precious! I really gave much thought to this
one. How we starve the little one in us. Here's
to the healthy ones! lu...

septembermom said...

I feel the little girl is pushing inside of me all the time. Great take on the picture. Wonderful prose. You sparked some good thoughts here.