Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wild West (Acrostic Only)

Whipping wind, cowboys rise
Into the wild yonder
Liquor and pistols cocked
Driving horses into midnight

Women are sweet dreams
Enjoying the hot breeze
Saddles soaked in sweat
Touring the wild west

Posted for: Acrostic Only


Kilauea Poetry said...

This is neat..I like it! Love the old West-

Brosreview said...

The wildness of the West here.

Unbreakable said...

I know nothing about the wild west but you made it sounds interesting.

septembermom said...

Reminding me about those good old westerns that my dad used to watch. Very good imagery.

Jingle said...

The Celebrate Poet of April Honorable
Mention Award
two more on the bottom....
Happy Tuesday!