Monday, May 24, 2010


Hi bloggers,

Here is another edition of Thursday Tales. The beautiful photo above is by Katja Faith.

She had fallen into one of her great revelries. She tried to hide herself from her darkest thoughts. The night was black and starless. The air was desolate and hot. She was trapped in a haunting world and balled herself up in a cocoon. Tears streamed down her cheeks like rain, and her hair fluttered like a raven.

When she closed her eyes, she saw a painted doll. Her lips grew like a soft, red rose. Her arms were the color of striped candy cane and polka-dotted like a ladybug. Her hair was long and velvet, and a red ribbon danced towards her. She saw a twinkle from her ruby, red shoes. She thought of Dorothy. She thought of home. A light flickered in the horizon. A soft, yellow breeze kissed her cheeks.

When she woke up, she was greeted by the breath of the hot sun. Summer swirled and buzzed about her. Her eyes observed the clear, blue skies. She puffed out her cheeks like the clouds and exhaled. The dark world of her nightmare vanished.

The young doll of her dreams laid beside her. She was red and white, polka-dotted and striped. Loneliness melted in the doll’s soft, brown eyes. She laughed, kissed her, and called her Ruby.


Opaque said...

The childish touch makes it a beautiful read.

Kilauea Poetry said...

What a fascinating piece..bright and animated! I agree with the poster above too.
Have a great evening-

JStar said...

Written so beautiful of a nightmare....

septembermom said...

Strong imagery and interesting approach.