Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daughter of the Rainbow

Hi Bloggers,

I hope you all are doing well.  Here is my latest freestyle poem. 

A daughter of the rainbow 
A daughter of possibilities
Where the tips of your light
Guides you to many moons
And glorious suns
You have an infinite amount of space
To write your own destiny 
Who told you to dim your lights
To wash away your color and spice
The whisperers, the naysayers
And doubters all melt beneath you
Until the only voice you listen to
Is your own


Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but find myself in your poem. I've had an epiphany of sorts, and finally I'm being true to who I've always been and achieving the dream of being an author that I've had since I was six years old. Beautiful. God bless you.

Nora at Island Rambles said...

I really like it, especially the title daughter of the rainbow..it floods the mind with possibilities on that theme. You could expand this theme even more...it sounds like a novel... Keep writing..you are doing good stuff.

Jane said...

Nice! You creatively express the path to your true self!