Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Daughters of Aman (Part III)

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I hope you enjoy Part III of my tale. 

Now the daughters of Aman sought to dethrone the king and his heirs.  They studied both the talents and vices of the three sons which bore his name.

Kristacus, his eldest, was blessed with brawn and power.  He often paraded through town baring his chest and muscles.  Scores of maidens would follow his shadow. 

Redinoldo, his second born, was astute and cunning and handled all great affairs on behalf of the king.  

Hollidon, the youngest, was praised by many in the kingdom for he possessed the strength and wisdom of both brothers though he was young.

Gabriella discerned Kristacus had an insatiable appetite for women.  She studied his business schedule and knew when the men traveled out to sea for important work.  She circled his boat like a shark on a hot, summer afternoon and spoke in a demure voice:

"My prince, summer calls you.  Let us make love in these waters."  And she raised her bronze body into the orange sun and revealed she was naked.  Kristacus caught himself in amazement and quickly dove head long into the river.  

"Art thou a mirage," he teased and caught her by the arm.  "How supple is thy skin.  Let me satisfy my thirst."  But Gabriella swam away before the prince could touch her.

"Follow me.  I know where we can be alone," she cooed.  Her body shimmered in the water as he chased her through stronger currents.  Kristacus limbs began to tire, but when he looked ahead, he remained fixated on the beautiful prize.  

But the water became cold, gray, and scaly.  A giant eel revealed itself from the water and swallowed Kristacus whole.  His men cried in horror at the sight and hurled sharp spears at the watery beast.  But its silvery scales were harder than iron.  Slowly, the eel disappeared beneath the water.  

To be continued...

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