Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Daughters of Aman (Part II)

Hi bloggers,

Here is Part II of my short story.  If you missed the first part, it can be found here.  

Aman's daughters had devised a scheme to set their father free.  They fed their youngest sister Milliana roots to make her appear sickly. Then, she fainted in the marketplace before many witnesses.

"Our sister is unwell!  Our sister is unwell!"  The cries could be heard outside the palace walls.

"Who crieth at the gate of the court," the king inquired of his servant.  

"Your highness, it is the daughters of Aman."

"Ah, they are very fair and beautiful indeed," agreed the king.  "If Aman had not dishonored his name, I would have wed his daughters to my sons.  Yet, I still favor them.  Tell the maidens I will hear their request." 

The servant rushed out to greet them in the hot, afternoon sun. 

"The king shall hear thy request fair daughters," decreed the servant.  

"Oh great and noble king," Gabriella cried, "we desired not to disturb his highness at this hour.  But our sister Milliana is unwell and wishes her father return home speedily."

"Why doth thou trouble me with this," the king answered in anger.  "I have sentenced thy father to prison and he shall remain there."

"But my sister grows weaker everyday," Gabriella protested.  "My king, may I ask thee what my father has done to deserve thy iron hand around his neck.  Why does thy law punish him as a murdering scoundrel?"

"Silence," shouted the king and he sought to throw them out of the palace.  But Amielle bowed herself before the king and sought his mercy. 

"Your highness, forgive my sister," Amielle bowed.  "She speaks hastily and foolishly.  We humbly ask that you return our father to us."

"For the sake of thy plea, I shall consider thy request," the king reasoned.  "But Aman has yet to serve out his sentence.  It is a matter of great concern to me."

 "We have a dark cellar.  It is darker than a sky at midnight," Amielle replied softly.  "Thou may keep our father there.  And if thou doest not trust us, bring a guard as a witness." 

The king smiled for the words pleased him.  "Send for the guards and make the proper arrangements."

The daughters of Aman thanked the king and filed out of his presence silently.  But when the castle was far in the distance, Gabriella shouted:

"Why did thou bargain with the king and bow to him?"

"Dear sister,"" Amielle replied, "thou caused great trouble for us.  Now our father is home and unharmed."

"Yes, but a wretched prison guard dwells among us," added Milliana.

"He shall not trouble our plans," Amielle assured her. 

To be continued...


Heather Fields said...

I like the emotion you put in it. I look forward to Part III!

Anonymous said...

Hey WG,
The daughter's are clever enjoying the story please continue:-)

Gillena Cox said...

oh lovely, waiting for Pt3

much love...