Thursday, March 12, 2009

Divine Rides on Elephants

Divine rides on elephants
A child scribbled in her book
And rode her imaginary friend
On winding, elegant roads
Paved with gold
Greeted Dorothy and her friends
Observed Little Bo Peep and her sheep
Played a little fiddle with a cat
Daydreamed with Little Miss Riding Hood
Built houses with the three little pigs
Ate with Little Miss Muffet
Scolded the boy who cried wolf
Before she sailed away home like a kite in the wind


Brosreview said...

You've covered all the nursery rhymes there. Brought back some memories. Smartly written!!!

septembermom said...

I want to recite this to my daughter! It is beautifully worded and I know it will bring a smile to her little face :) Thanks!

C Will said...

This is so cute brings back wonderful memories thank you!:)

V said...

A childs beautiful fantasy!!:)

judith ellis said...

This piece is so very fun! Thanks for the romp!

Remember Romper Room?

I'm sure you're too young. :-)

Love the piece...

Reader Wil said...

What a lovely poem! Very clever to link it to nursery rhymes and fairy tales!

Nadege said...

luv this fairy tale - fun.

Saadi said...

Looks like a convention for all the female fairy tale characters!

Nevertheless nice one!! It was fun to read something so light at heart!