Monday, March 16, 2009

Irish Jig

A fellow danced the Irish Jig
So violent was his motion
He knocked off his lady's wig
And she replied with a fist to the eye
The patrons laughed which made him cry
So he hurled a pan of sweet, cream pie
It missed the lady and hit a bloc
And the angry man chased him
Well after dark

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


Brosreview said...

I like the pinch of comedy in this piece!!! Nice work!!! Keep them coming!!!

WorkerV said...

Love it! And a four leaf clover to you! Have
a happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Girl!
Time well spent! Its like drinking
cold water on a hot day, I am so
"THIRSTY" more, more, more.:)
"Love the sower."

Saadi said...

This one made me laugh! Really good stuff!

Beloved Dreamer said...

This is very funny. It made my day which was not so hot. loved it.


floreta said...

good tribute. happy st. paddy!

C Will said...

This is so cute..thanks again for the smile!!:)

dito on St. Patrick's Day!!

septembermom said...

You captured the spirit of Irish humor in this cute poem! I learned the jig as a girl, but luckily I never wound up in a bit of a brawl :)

Andrea said...

So it! :)

Anonymous said...

What a spirited poem -- more fun than an Irish blessing. Top of the week to you!