Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lovely Toad

A lovely toad
Croaks at my window
And my imagination carries me
To a place most enchanting
Sitting on a rock
Adorned in a gown
And a crown serenading my head
I am spellbound
Running my fingers over green, leather skin
I hope he's Prince Charming
Better yet, I pray he's a dashing knight
No, brave like a firefighter
Or witty and seductive like an actor
Ferocious and cunning like a matador
Or perhaps a braniac scientist
Or a sensitive artist
Poor toad grows restless
And flails his magnificent, green legs
My fingers grow like weeds and trap him
And I kiss his little face
He croaks again
No luck (Still a toad)


Brosreview said...

Nice!!! Makes me smile and chuckle too...

septembermom said...

Such a fun poem filled with great images! I'm afraid too many princesses out there are stuck with "toads" :)

C Will said...

this is just so cute!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi write Girl,
You did it again! knocked it write out of
the ball park, you and your team of words
will win the pennant this year "See you
in Disney World".

Saadi said...

A really serious thought presented ina very witty manners. And props to you for kissing a toad, I had a hell of a time dissecting them!