Monday, March 30, 2009


Traces of loving kindness
First began with a glimpse
Of a man beholding a woman
On a still afternoon
Then awakened with a kiss
And love blossomed in bliss
Hearts were renewed by their embrace
The old ones beheld the young couple
And they showered blessings on the place
The lady was given a special grace
The village lamented their wedding day
For they were set to run away
But their hopeful spirits remained
Traces of their footprints are molded in clay


septembermom said...

You have a gentle, romantic spirit! Your poems sing out to all :)

Regina Marie said...

Gosh..I love that last part! It gave me goose bumps..ha-
Oh..could you do me a favor and see if the title (Silky Oak)..your seeing that post right? Can you see if it takes you to (MyLandStyle) I added a link? I set that up for more of the photo w/small kine (we use that expression)poetry prompts.
Thank you-

C Will said...

This is lovely and soft:) Great Job!!

floreta said...

romantic fable. :)

Brosreview said...

Very differently expressed!!! Good job!!!

Saadi said...

Beautiful!! Nice job, Write Girl! Nice job!

judith ellis said...


Anonymous said...

that was so very sweet :) loved the poems here !!