Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools

The fools come out
On April first
Dressed in their best

Dressed in their worst
With clown noses and monocle eyes
Tossing decks of cards in the sky
One performed a trick

With a bottle of coke
Shook it up
And caught one in the eye
We all had a laugh at the gaffe
Folly ruled the night
Farewell revelers
Until next April, they chimed


Anonymous said...

Nice treat! So unexpected, I hope you
have a great "A Fool Day":}

Brosreview said...

Lovely!!! Simple one!!!

Yea, I remember the pranks I fell prey for and the pranks I played on other friends in school. Never did that ever since.

Regina Marie said...

Any excuse will do for revelry..Tonight was a quiet one..I made a tough grass fed pot roast for my hubby! Serious..if I can think of a prank tomarrow I will! I have to make up for that roast though! (I ran out of dental floss too)
thanks for stopping by and for your input..I'm trying to iron out the kinks.

Saadi said...

I had a ball today!! For people like me who don't play a prank nearly all year long, April Fool's day is an awesome opportunity!

People are SO often caught off-guard!

And yeah, nice poem!!

septembermom said...

Such a fun poem! This revelry reminds me of pranks that would probably happen in the time of Chaucer. You captured the spirit of the day!

judith ellis said...

This is so very fun. You paint beautifully with words. What a wonderful writer you are, simple, true, so very lovely too. Thank you.

C Will said...

This is so cute..just delightful!!:)

floreta said...

this was fun. made me think of the circus :)